Monday, 21 November 2011

Centre Pompidou

Paris is such a gorgeous old beast of a to house their modern art collection the giant Pompidou was loudly plopped down in the middle of a grand old neighborhood.

France 2011 562

France 2011 552

France 2011 568

I loved how this woman's stockings mimicked the iconic external staircase of the building:

France 2011 550

Ultimately, the plaza out front has become a gathering place for buskers and jugglers and street performers of all kinds.

France 2011 557

France 2011 570

France 2011 558

France 2011 574

Just a few blocks away and you can find yourself exploring the winding streets of the Marais, finding some respite in a hidden peaceful courtyard and nibbling on a croissant.

France 2011 547

France 2011 546

France 2011 543

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