Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Perfectly Grey Day

There's something very melancholic but beautiful about these overcast days in Paris.

This is Sainte-Chapelle, which is a very old church built in the 13th century. Its fragile spire punctuates the skyline of Île de la Cité. Inside the church, it is best to visit on a sunny day as it has the most incredible stained glass windows.

France 2011 220

Notre Dame is close by. It's far grander in scale, but the detailed carvings on the outside are fantastic.

France 2011 223

France 2011 227

France 2011 228

I'm sure every single carving has a story to tell. The famous gargles are further up the church and best seen from the bell tower.

France 2011 244

France 2011 227

France 2011 242

France 2011 247

Afterward, a walk through Île Saint-Louis yielded some rather tasty ice cream at La Mon Berthillion.

France 2011 255

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