Friday, 18 November 2011


Just a fair warning: there are some pictures of dead animals in this post.

France 2011 756

These butchers were, uh, a couple of hams.

I love wandering around markets. I think it's a great gateway to understanding food culture of wherever you travel.

France 2011 123

The sellers are usually quite friendly and more than willing to talk about what they are selling while being liberal with samples. Not so much at the Supermarché.

France 2011 124

Being France, they are super serious about their food and where it comes from. One of the more shocking aspects is the meat is sold still recognizable in its whole animal form, and not in a shrink-wrapped plastic form.

France 2011 126

What better way to tell if your meat is actually fresh. It's not just game birds and chickens: rabbits, lambs, and pigs can all be found in their recognizable state.

France 2011 129

France 2011 131

France 2011 752

France 2011 759

There were also different varietals of heirloom apples that I had never heard of...Limousin, Calville Blanc d’Hiver, Pomme d’Api, Reine de Reinette. I tried one of each.

France 2011 761

Even when I don't have the means to cook, I still love to shop for food. A bit of cheese and bread and fruit makes for a lovely simple lunch.

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