Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Good Stuff

Really now.

France 2011 796

La dame de fer is still one of the most awe-inspiring sites in the man-made world.

France 2011 798

All the postcards and cliche Paris scenes can not prepare you for the size and grace of iron lace that rises up 81 stories into the sky.

France 2011 801

Unlike the Empire State Building, which is filled with office towers, the only purpose of this structure is to make you feel very small.

France 2011 803

France 2011 805

It's hard to put your life in the hands of a very old funicular elevator.

France 2011 821

France 2011 833

Also, it's windy like a hurricane up there. The bubbles on my champange ended up scattered across my person before I could finish it.

France 2011 838

Eiffel kept an apartment up there at the tippy-top. I guess that is the ultimate vote of confidence from an engineer.

France 2011 853

Best of all, in the bathroom on that swaying top floor, written on the grouting, were messages of love.

France 2011 847

France 2011 862

Once an hour, the entire tower lights up with twinkling LED lights. A bit tacky maybe, but just lovely anyway.

France 2011 877

France 2011 881

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