Thursday, 24 November 2011

Palais du Luxembourg

Well...Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm quietly creeping around the ancestral homeland in the cold and snow, but here are some more Paris for you.

It seems like I have quite a few favorite haunts (ahem, sorry about yesterday's dreary post) around the city. The Palais du Luxembourg is no exception...and being there in the late afternoon meant to lighting was absolutely fantastic, especially since it wasn't overcast or downpouring out.

France 2011 778

It was built for Marie de Médicis, and naturally, it reflected the architecture of her native Florence.

France 2011 784

Today, it is where the Senate convenes.

Quite unusually, the gardens are filled with sculptures of notable women. Not so unusually, lounging Parisians. They do love their parks here, and the manicured gardens are spectacular. I prefer the more wild places of the world, but a garden this planned out is a work of art in itself.

France 2011 788

France 2011 790

France 2011 783

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