Sunday, 27 November 2011


Versailles is free for visitors the first Sunday of the month...instead of exploring another wee chateau, we decided to join the masses and see the mother of all French palaces.

Paris 2 246

Paris 2 249

Once upon a time, Versailles was a country village when le Roi-Soleil, Louis XIV, moved from the dirty squalor of Paris to a more bucolic setting.

Louis, ever humble, decided that the royal hunting lodge on the grounds was not royal enough to display his godliness, so he had it expanded upon.

The scale of palace is almost as impressive as the gaudy treasures inside. Most of them are reproductions as the palace was stormed during the revolution and a great deal was destroyed.

Paris 2 263

Paris 2 265

The manicured gardens were pretty spectacular. While it was late enough in the season for the fountains to be shut off and the many statues to be covered, it was still very impressive. 3 hours of walking only led to the exploration of a tiny corner of the grounds. It's almost 2,000 acres of land.

Paris 2 267

Paris 2 261

Everything was incredibly well-manicured. I couldn't imagine the kind of money it would cost to maintain all the formal gardens.

Paris 2 269

The Maine girl in me wanted to say, "Just let it grow wild, it will hide the junked car and washing machine in your front yard."

Paris 2 273

Paris 2 271

Paris 2 274

A lot of locals take advantage of the free day to use the park grounds as their own.

Paris 2 277

On the grounds there is also the Petit Trianon on the gournds, which was where Marie Antoinette lived when she wanted to escape life at court.

Paris 2 284

Paris 2 285

Paris 2 291

There were also lots of sheep and horses keeping the lawns tamed.

Paris 2 292

Paris 2 296

Paris 2 302

Paris 2 307

Paris 2 310

Inside the Chateau itself were enormous ceiling canvas paintings letting us know how important the king was as he depicted himself as a god every chance he got.

Paris 2 319

Paris 2 329

We waited until the very end of the day to zip through the palace as the crowds were overwhelming.

Paris 2 331

The entire thing made me feel like my Brooklyn apartment wasn't the grand place I thought it was previously. The Sun King wins again.

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