Friday, 21 December 2012

Call in the Calvary.

Well, that's it. This is the darkest day of the year, and boy, I'm missing my 17 hours of June daylight right about now. I am celebrating the return of the sun wholeheartedly this year as I've never spent a winter this far north before. I know rationally that there's months of winter ahead, but mentally, I feel like it's spring.

So recently, I hit the Paris vu par Hollywood exhibit at Hotel de Ville. Coming out and walking along the Seine, I saw something I don't usually see every day.


The Calvary.


Kettle Drums and Brass and sabers. I...still have no idea why this was going on. The only people watching were those held up to get across Rue du Rivoli. I was on a little traffic island and saw the whole thing pass.

It was fascinating- the kettle drummers have the reins attached to their stirrups, and the horses had old-school quarter marks on their hindquarters.

WED_0771 WED_0772 WED_0781 WED_0792

The horses were color-coordinated! Typical Parisen.

WED_0794 WED_0805 WED_0807 WED_0823 WED_0827 WED_0828

The uniforms were gorgeous. Very Jean-Paul Gaultier.

WED_0835 WED_0836 WED_0837 WED_0839 WED_0840 WED_0842 WED_0843 WED_0845 WED_0848 WED_0849 WED_0851

And just like that, c'est fini. Aside from a few piles of poop piled up as evidence on Rivoli, I felt like I had just seen a ghost.

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