Sunday, 23 December 2012


I recently had another chance to see more of Lille.

WED_0890 WED_0881 WED_0883

Go, if you have a chance. Until the 13th of January, the Fantastic! festival is going on. Lots of site-specific modern art and happenings.


While the weather in Lille makes Paris seem downright balmy, there's a lot of really interesting stuff to see.

WED_0899 WED_0909 WED_0918 WED_0938

I went with a big group on a motivated "see a lot" tour.

WED_0944 WED_0950 WED_0962 WED_0966 Most of the pieces were saw were very large-scale, and they had been set up in old churches and warehouses and abandoned train stations. WED_0991 WED_0994 WED_1014 WED_1020 WED_1027 WED_1038 It was a fairly grueling itinerary. WED_1041 WED_1043 WED_1044 WED_1045 WED_1046 WED_1051 WED_1053 WED_1055 WED_1060 WED_1066 WED_1074 WED_1077 WED_1081

A huge cling-wrap sculpture in which you can clamber into was a highlight.

WED_1107 WED_1093 WED_1097

A hall of mirrors...

WED_1121 WED_1122 WED_1123 WED_1158

The last stop was a pop-up beauty bar, complete with a chilly tub soak.

WED_1174 WED_1193 WED_1203

The TGV only take an hour from Paris Gare du Nord, an hour and a half from London. Go!

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