Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Leaving New York is always hard. When I lived there, I would have major anxiety trying to leave town. Traffic and asshole drivers and bridges and tunnels and a maze of highways and parkways and train and plane delays. Oooh. Wow. I'm glad I'm out of that. But yeah, emotionally, leaving for good was pretty hard as well.


It's maybe a little easier now that I don't have a life there. But still...this is where a great deal of good friends and good times are to be had. Trying to leave the city on a 60 degree day in December...that did not drive me back across the Atlantic with gusto.


I'm under no illusions that this is an easy place to live. It's not. It brings out neuroses in the calmest of people. Your whole week revolves around getting home in time to find a parking spot for alternate side for that car you never use, waiting in lines, coveting what everyone else has got that you didn't get lucky enough to get yourself. It's a dirty, competitive place where you are expected to work 50 hours a week, and people have a habit of not using their vacation time before it expires. The French lifestyle seems much healthier in comparison.


Ultimately, it's a great place to be if you have few responsibilities, and perhaps your commute is on foot. Speaking of the subway...while I was on the platform at West 4th on my way to meet a friend uptown, I found a $1 bill on the platform. That never happens! I looked around for an owner, made sure it was real, then hopped on the train that pulled up right then. Wow, how lucky is it to find money like that. It's too bad that train sat on the tracks in between stations for the next 25 minutes with no explanation. Karma will get you on your commute every time.

Plus, summers in New York are disgusting.


I even summoned enough tourist spirit enough to battle my way through Rock center to see the majestic massacred tree.

WED_0410 WED_0411 WED_0416 WED_0424 WED_0435 WED_0442 WED_0480 WED_0483 WED_0527

I know, I know...this is all very Manhattan-heavy. Brooklyn, I love you too.

WED_0604 WED_0641 WED_0647 WED_0652 WED_0668

I'm sure I will return. I always do.

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