Saturday, 22 December 2012

Chateau de Versailles

Oh! How behing I've fallen. These pictures were taken way back in October, but I'm just now getting around to sorting and posting.

Here, just press play on this while you are browsing this post:

While I've been out to Versailles before, it's one of those places that you can just keep going back to.

WED_8702 DSC00541

I have yet to tire of it anyway. It's overwhelming on so many levels. The crowds, the scale, the decor, the gardens, the lesser chateaus within the estate. Oh, and the prices. Holy Moses, they do charge you a king's ransom to enter. Lucky me, I'm local enough to make use of the fact that it's free the first Sunday of every month. Go!


Also...check out this site, where you can take a virtual tour of the Chateau.

WED_8718 WED_8722 WED_8724 WED_8726 WED_8733 WED_8734 WED_8741 WED_8742 WED_8754 WED_8758

The palace is usually so packed with people- tour groups pushing their way past and blocking all the good sites, bottlenecks that take eons to push's enough to make for a tough day. The gardens, however...

WED_8765 WED_8780

The gardens are just fantastic to get lost in. Ah, André Le Nôtre, what a fantastic artist you were.

WED_8783 WED_8784 WED_8803

They only run the fountains on special occasions...summer nights with fireworks and such...but when we were there, they had some ballin classical music blasting from speakers all over the gardens. Made the situation somehow more regal.

WED_8810 WED_8814 WED_8817 WED_8827 WED_8833 WED_8844 WED_8856 WED_8861

This was, by far, my favorite micro-garden. It's Jupiter, breaking through the earth.

WED_8865 WED_8867

I stopped counting at 20, but let's just say that there is a very large colony of stray cats living in one section of the garden.

WED_8890 WED_8892 WED_8895 WED_8897 WED_8904 WED_8906

If one thing Paris has made me appreciate more than anyplace else, it's how beautiful things look in late afternoon light when the sun is actually free of the burden of clouds.

WED_8909 WED_8911 WED_8913 WED_8920 WED_8926 WED_8930 WED_8932

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