Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cold Souls

No matter what comforts technology might bring, I prefer to stay on the sandy part of the beach from September to May.


And, let's face it, the gulf stream misses this part of Maine entirely. July might bring a lucky storm that pushes warmer water into the gulf. I'm usually optimistic about August being swimmable, and even then you don't want to be out there too long without a wetsuit.

Cruel as it might seem, the best surfing comes in winter. Like odd red-faced buoys bobbing offshore, the fully equipped and dedicated surfers head out to their exclusive breaks. Inch-thick wetsuits, hoods, boots and mitts and you might still have the agility to catch a wave. I am more suited to terrestrial pursuits this time of year.

WED_9907 WED_9909 WED_9920 WED_9929 WED_9932 WED_9934 WED_9941

I also have much respect for the few birds in the area that don't migrate. I'm sure they have slight distain for those who choose to be the proverbial snowbird.

WED_9968 WED_9978

The beach pretty much to yourself on a chilly morning is one of the many small pleasures of Maine in deep fall and winter. Bundle up and enjoy.


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