Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Try Not To Imagine The Shrinkage.

Hello! I am back in Paris after a really nice break- our first trip back to the states since we moved to Paris way back in April. Seeing friends, family, and visting old haunts was really good for the soul. It was the Tour de Comfort.

I did miss writing. I generally don't have the attention span to write unless I'm on a schedule and feel like I have some quiet time to collect my thoughts. Vacation is not that time for me. I have some catching up to do now that I'm "home", with thousands of pictures to upload and organize, unpacking and cleaning up, and getting back into life here. Battling jetlag is especially tough when the sun barely peaks out, and the sky is a light gray for only a few hours before it turns to black. Winter is really, truly here; it arrived while I was still holding on to the impossible dream of a bit of a tan this year.


Also, while I was sleeping, winter surfing in Maine has become a thing. Wow. Just wow. And I thought I was tough for getting out there in July.

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