Thursday, 12 December 2013


Aix in winter is not without its charms. This tourist mecca of all things quaint and perfect in Provence really slows down when the cold hits. Still, it was lovely to walk around and take in, with a stop for apples at the central market square and several required stops to nosh on pastries.


(Oh, I tried to make Navettes, the boat shaped biscotti-like cookies flavored with orange blossom water. Mine ended up looking...not like those.)

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There was a nice holiday market where you could load up on lavender scented olive oil soaps and some decent local specialties. This is one of the wealthiest areas in France, and even in winter, you'd be hard pressed to find a hotel room for less than 200 euros a night. Which is why we stayed in Marseille! It was actually a really easy bus ride to get to Aix. About 20 minutes maybe? It was easy, and it drops you off right at the giant state-of-the-art tourist information center. It was very much like nothing I've ever seen in France before.


Aix is known for its fountains. There are many. I've seen these great mossy ferny creations before. I always want to hug them. Bad idea.

Hello, gentlemen.


There just wasn't a whole lot going on, but if it was warmer than bitter, there were tons of places to sit outside and have some wine. I could get into that.

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After spending the morning in clouds, a brisk wind blew and the sun came out and it was just brilliant. Still cold, but brilliant.

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We hit the Granet museum, a small private collection. Aix was notably the home to Paul Cézanne, and we are not so far from St Remy, so they are impressionist-mad here.


The countryside around is something to see- great chalky hills and little hilltop villages. There's some great hiking in this area, and some very good summery wines as well.

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