Thursday, 19 December 2013

Postcards from London

Walking around London is just lovely. It was blustery and cold along the river, but I love the fact most of the museums are free here and despite the fact that it is an enormous, sprawling city, it's a great place to walk around. I feel like it's more New York than Paris in some respects, especially the really decent ethnic foods you can get on the cheap.


You can just spend all day hopping from one museum to the next, if only to get the sensation back in your be-gloved fingertips.

WED_0716 WED_0725

I have been to London a few times in the past, and even from ten years ago, the place seems changed. They seem to be embracing the new much more readily than most.

WED_0731 WED_0740 WED_0746 WED_0755 WED_0757 WED_0791 WED_0794 WED_0797 WED_0813

I walked on back to the fantastic Borough Market. With a pastie in hand to keep the mitts warms, I browsed the various cheese and vegetable stands.

WED_0840 WED_0842

France has me so spoiled on markets. It's nice to see other cities stepping up their game.


The days here in winter are short. Like, over before your coffee is cold it seems.

WED_0888 WED_0907 WED_0919 WED_0925 WED_0932

But, oh, there's a real chinatown too? In love, I am.


That settles it.


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