Friday, 13 December 2013


About an hour from Paris is the pretty gothic town Chartres, with its ancient cathedral.


I took the train out and hoofed it around town one day last fall (hence the green). It was lovely, if not a little uninspired. There's not a whole lot going on aside from the church, but the tourist office gives you a nice map to explore the rest of the town on foot.

WED_6046 WED_6058 WED_6060

Many of the stained glass windows are original from the 13th century, and a gorgeous shade of blue.

WED_6074 WED_6085 WED_6095 WED_6142 WED_6162 WED_6170

Well, that's uplifting.


The day was flat and overcast, so I put some filters to use to make things a bit more interesting and contrasty.

WED_6180 WED_6191 WED_6231 WED_6238 WED_6242 WED_6252 WED_6259

How very goth.

WED_6274 WED_6285

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