Friday, 20 December 2013

Holiday Paris

Paris has been stepping up her game in some unwinable tacky war lately. I walked past Notre Dame the other day and was astounded by the tree out front, which was just covered in lights in a way which made it look like a volcanic eruption science project gone wrong. It didn't even justify a picture because it burned my retnas so badly.


The lights! The Christmas markets! The unexplainable animatronics! The neon! It's just weird. They love Christmas here more than anything.


But, oh, so sparkly.

I've been spending a lot of time out, mingling with the crowds. Unlike NYC where everyone gets stressed out and sick of Xmas, they really seem to love this time of year here. I mean, foie gras and Champagne are everywhere, people gather and party a lot, and it's almost impossible to walk down the street without crowds darting to window shop as everyone goes all out to decorate and put on an impressive show.

WED_2392 WED_2481 Perhaps for the first time, but a non-Parisian was honored quite visibly on the side of the Eiffel Tower lately: WED_2468 WED_2474 WED_2495

It almost gives Las Vegas a run for its money.

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