Monday, 16 December 2013

Salon du Cheval

Every fall in Paris, there is a week-long horse show called the Salon du Cheval at the Nord Villepinte convention center out by CDG airport.


There are a lot of horse-world events- jumping grand prixs, training clinics, demonstrations, and a huge marketplace if your wallet needs to be lightened. I went out to check it out, as the fact the French love their horses both on and off the dinner plate amuses me to no end.


The lighting was rubbish from the start in there, so I quite happily switched to shoot in black and white.

WED_1289 WED_1318 WED_1368 WED_1466 WED_1574 WED_1612

The day I was there, the pony jumpers were showing. Those kids were fierce and totally fearless. I love that.

WED_1393 WED_2093 WED_2000 WED_1986 WED_1831

My favorite moments are the ones right after the last fence is cleared:


Oh, and you will be happy to know that there are bad ponies are all over the world:


(and bad riders as well).


My first and only rules about manes: if you never learn, you don't have to do it. Braiding was always a challenge for me. I totally admire anyone who can make neat even rosettes on a moving and oftimes itchy animal.


I'm going to try to throw together some gif files for tomorrow, as I have about a thousand pictures of jumping ponies to get through.

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