Sunday, 8 December 2013

Eating and Walking and Eating and Walking

A few more pictures taken while wandering around Barcelona...


You can't really resist stopping in at La Boqueria market, which has been basically in the same spot since the 13th century. As crowded and touristy as it is, it's an amazing way to try some amazing foods.


Not just ham.

WED_9683 WED_9687 WED_9689 WED_9691

It's a zoo, but worth it to get a seat at one of the tiny kiosk eateries in the market.


They use olive oil here like the French use butter.

WED_9695 WED_9699

The seafood was really fantastic. I would almost warn those who aren't a fan to not even bother showing up. The shrimp, the langoustines, the squid, the fish, the shellfish.

WED_9700 WED_9704 WED_9708

Here's looking at you, kid.


Afterwards, a walk through the gothic quarter to check out Barcelona Cathedral.


They have an odd policy where Saturday late afternoons, it is free admission after a certain time. A line begins to form for people waiting for the free hours to begin. I sat down in front of the informational sign and snapped away.

WED_9738 WED_9740 WED_9741 WED_9744 WED_9746 WED_9750 WED_9759 WED_9760

There was a really excellent Picasso museum nearby, plus a really friendly bar where they served natural wines and were happy to chat about them.

WED_9481 WED_9851

On the weekends, the giant "magic fountain" does a light and music show. It's quite something. A wee bit of Las Vegas.

WED_9878 WED_9886 WED_9890 WED_9975 WED_9986

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