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I still have no words to describe how amazing and artful the Antonio Gaudi architecture in Barcelona is.


He was so ahead of his time. I feel like the rest of the world has yet to catch up to him, and he died in 1926.

WED_9525 WED_9569

Almost everything he did was inspired by nature, and there is a certain playfulness of how he incorporates outdoor elements to his structures. The sea, forest, animals. There's so many different ways you can interpret his work.

WED_9594 WED_9601 WED_9599 WED_9620 WED_9636

The most spectacular of his works is still unfinished.

WED_0011 WED_0035

Outside, it a bit of a mess. Inside, the Sagrada Família is something very touching and beautiful.


I've never felt more outdoors in the indoors before. It was like being in a very old forest.

WED_0043 WED_0047 WED_0049

When the sun came out, the entire space filled with light and the stained glass dappled the floor spectacularly.

WED_0063 WED_0082 WED_0087 WED_0095 WED_0121

It is scheduled for completion in 2028, where the facade is getting more and more layers and towers. It's quite overwhelming.


The other really cool thing that Gaudí left behind was the Guell park. It's a hike up a very large hill to get there, but you are rewarded with views of the city and the sea.

WED_0216 WED_0199 WED_0197 WED_0238 WED_0247 WED_0253 WED_0259 WED_0266 WED_0269 WED_0279

It was all just so weird and interesting, nothing could have spoiled my mood.


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