Saturday, 14 December 2013

St Cloud

I totally forgot about these pictures from...October maybe? No wait, it was mid-September. Anyway, for the big open house weekend they had in Paris/France, I headed out to the 'burbs to the Parc St Cloud. They have spectacular fountains that they only run on special occasions like this, and only for an hour! So it was really kind of posh.


Yeah, that's right. They are real. Now leave me to my sheaths of wheat.

WED_5733 WED_5739

But it's a lovely André Le Nôtre garden to explore, filled with sprawling lawns and orderly lines of trees and hidden sunken canals and ponds- it's huge. If you keep walking, you would eventually hit Versailles.

WED_5752 WED_5773 WED_5777

There used to be a huge chateau here that was destroyed during the Prussian war, so now it's just a park. They have the Rock the Seine concert here every summer and you can take the metro out to the last stop to get here.


For an hour on this particular Sunday, the fountains made magic.

WED_5794 WED_5797 WED_5798 WED_5866 WED_5869 WED_5900 WED_5923

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